Varmilo - VA87M Vintage Days - Keyboard

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Binnen twee werkdagen in huis!

This keyboard is available with Cherry MX Silent Red or Cherry MX Brown switches. The contrast of white/grey with the different colors immediately gives you an 80s feeling. The design is 'exposed'. This means that the switches are partly visible. 

Cherry MX Brown of Cherry MX Silent Red

The Cherry MX Brown switches are tactile. They give a little more counterforce, so you have to press the keys a little harder yourself. The switch springs with your finger

The Cherry MX Silent Red switches are linear. It takes less force to press than MX brown. They are similar to the Cherry MX Red switches. However, they use extra damping so that the sound is almost inaudible.

Tip: Look on YouTube for a comparison video of the different switches


  • Type: Mechanical
  • Cherry MX Brown of Silent Red
  • Tenkeyless keyboard (80%)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Multimedia key functions
  • Color: White/Grey/Yellow/Red/Purple/Blue/Orange
  • Material: PBT Keycaps 1.3mm
  • Number of Keys: 87 Keys
  • Connection: Mini USB
  • Lighting: White - LED
  • Dimensions in cm (l x w x h): 35.6 x 13.4 x 3.3 or 5.3 (with feet)
  • Weight with packaging: 2kg

NB: Making changes to the keyboard yourself in many cases affects the warranty. If the keyboard is damaged during modification, the warranty will be voided. Do you want to be sure which modifications do and do not void the warranty? Please contact us.🙂

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