Krytox - Keyboard Lube GPL 105 - Lubricant

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Note: You also need one to lube your switches switch opener necessary

For a ''smooth'' experience from your mechanical keyboard, GPL 105 is an excellent choice. The GPL 105 lube is specially made to lubricate your switches, make sure that the switches can be detached. With a Hot-Swappable keyboard you can simply remove the switches with a switch puller. If your keyboard is not Hot-Swappable, you must desolder your switches. However, we do not recommend this.

GPL 105 is mainly used for switch springs, linear switches and tactile switches.

GPL 105 lube exhibits great thermal stability where traditional lubricants sometimes break down and fail. 

Less is more. Don't use too much lube, if you use too much your switches will feel spongy. A very small tip of the lube on the 'stem' of the switch and over the sliding parts of the housing is more than enough. By being economical with your lube, you ensure that you can lube more switches in total.


  • Content: 5ml
  • Viscosity Index: 124
  • Pour point: -36°C
  • GPL 105 is dunner dan GPL 205G0


  • Close the bottle tightly after use to prevent dust and other messes from getting into it.
  • Do not mix with other fat.
  • Use a stem holder to apply the lube.
  • Use medical gloves to prevent your hands from getting too greasy.
  • If you don't have gloves, the lube is also easy to remove with some hand soap and water. is not responsible for any damage caused by incorrect use. This chemical is intended for industrial purposes.

    Make your switches sound and feel better with Krytox Keyboard Lube GPL 105

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