What Services do we offer?

To Clickeys, we offer different services. Look at them under here!

Contact about a service

Do you feel a spark of interest in our services? Then don't hesitate to throw a line at us. We have a cozy corner in our Discord for a private chat where we can go over all the details in peace. And if you decide after the conversation that it's not quite your thing, don't stress, we don't blame you. 😉

1. Join our Discord Server.

2. Navigate to the channel service-request.

3. Open a ticket with the /open command

4. We will respond to your question as soon as possible :)


How much time do the services take?

The time it takes to complete our service can sail. It depends on the specific details of your assignment and the pressure at the time.

But don't worry, we won't let you in the unwise. When you contact us through Discord, we'll give you an estimated time period. That way you know exactly where you're going and you can put your popcorn in the microwave on time.

Are you offering a pick-up and delivery service for keyboards?

Unfortunately, we have to let you down. Right now we're not offering a pick-up and delivery service for keyboards. You'll have to send your keyboard to us yourself. But hey, look at the bright side! It's a great excuse to go outside, pick up some sunlight and get that vitamin D inside.

What lube is used for the lube of switches?

We're happy to keep transparent and reliable. We use exactly the same lube we offer for sale: The famous Krytox 205G0.