About us

How did we originate?

A few years ago I bought my first mechanical keyboard and it's been "down the rabbit hole we go" ever since. You are probably familiar with it ;). A mechanical keyboard brings an incredible amount of possibilities, changing your keycaps or switches, lubing your switches and stabilizers etc. etc.

I ordered my first Coiled Cable from a private individual in England because such a product was not available in the Netherlands. The cable was of good quality, but I had to wait a few months for it.

This is the problem that we want to solve with

Coiled Cables

What do we stand for?

We find a number of things very important and are therefore central to

1. No nonsense

Not satisfied with your product? Or was your product damaged during delivery? No problem. Contact us and together we will find a solution.

2. No junk

We will always strive to offer only high quality products.

3. Together

The Mechanical keyboard world is really a community. We are trying to continue this in the Netherlands. Join our Discord server to ask us or others questions. For example, share your Mechanical keyboard setup or "How to lube your switches" video.