O-Rings - Transparant - RGB Passthrough - 120st.

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Mechanical Keyboard O-Rings are made of silicone or rubber and are intended to be placed under the Keycaps. They ensure that the bottom of the keycaps do not touch the keyboard. As a result, the extreme sound of the keyboard is somewhat muffled. In addition, the rings ensure that the keys feel slightly softer when they are pressed. 

  • Less noise
  • Improved touch typing
  • Shorter travel distance for test
  • Less damage on the backplate
  • RGB Passthrough

RGB Passthrough

Do you have an RGB keyboard? Then make sure you order transparent O-Rings. Unlike O-Rings with a solid color, these O-Rings allow light to pass through. So you can enjoy all the benefits of O-Rings without ruining your RGB.

Less Noise

When you first encountered a mechanical keyboard, you may have been surprised by the sound it produces compared to membrane keyboards. By adding O-Rings under the keycaps, this sound is slightly muffled. It doesn't take away the "Clicky feel" of the switches but limits it a bit. This way you can enjoy your keyboard without you, or those around you ;), going crazy. 


  • Color: Transparent
  • Material: Silicone
  • Quantity: 120
  • Weight with packaging: 5g

Is your keyboard making too much noise? Place these O-Rings!

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